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PC repair services

MM Tech will give you the best repair services on both laptops and desktops. The key to our PC repair is understanding the problem and the needs of our custom computer problems. The second thing we do is make sure the customer understands the issues they face with their Hardware and Software. We determine where the customer’s issue comes from and make sure the customer is completely satisfied when they leave. our goal is always to give you the best solution for your desktop or laptop

Palm rest / keyboard PC Repair

Replacing the palm rest on a laptop that had a keyboard that stopped working. 

The keyboard is part of the top laptop case (palm rest), so we had to replace the whole palm rest. When the palm rest gets replaced the mainboard, hard drive, battery, and other laptop components need to be moved to the new palm rest. 

once the part is replaced a full test need to make sure everything is working, because of that repairing or replacing a keyboard can sometimes be difficult. this is just one of our PC repair service

ways to prevent Computer hardware Failure

1. Keep food and drinks away from your computer

You would think this goes without saying but far too often we have seen people who use their computers as eating trays. It is easy to get comfortable with our computers because they are our tools to access the world. Food and drinks, including water, will cause damage to your computer hardware. Spilling a small amount of liquid on your computer even if you think didn’t get into it, can and will likely cause hardware failure. 


We have performed many pc repair on computers caused by liquid and moisture getting inside the computer and causing corrosion to the mainboard and mainboard components. Corrosion is something that is not seen right away and will often have the effects felt long after the spill has occurred. Food crumbs can cause keyboard, CPU fans, and screen damage. When food crumbs get into keyboard keys, they will cause the keys to stopping working with time and the same situation can occur to the CPU fan. Some of the screen replacements done by us were caused by food crumbs being on the keyboard and breaking the screen when the laptop is closed.

2. Keeping your computer in a protective case when traveling

Dropping your pc/computer will lead to hardware damage and to major Computer repair. This is obvious. What may not be obvious is when you pick up your computer and it looks fine. It may not be the same on the inside. For starters, what happens when you simply open your laptop after the fall? Does it still open smoothly, and how is it that you normally open your laptop? Are you the type to open it in midair by pulling it open from the corners? Did you know that this is the number one cause of broken hinges? Every time you open your laptop, it should be on a flat surface while pulling the screen open from the middle.

Now that that is out of the way, is your laptop opening smoothly? A little wobble or unevenness is an indication that your hinge or chassis is broken and needs to be replaced.

Now turn the computer on. Does it seem slower than before? Is it booting up properly? People may be surprised but data loss or corruption can occur because of an impact near the drive. Mechanical hard drives have moving parts inside of them and can easily be damaged. SSDs are a bit harder to damage but they can be moved out of their slot, or the impact may have occurred directly on the drive.

3. Cleaning your computer

One of the most common questions we get asked is how I maintain my computer both inside and out. Many don’t think that keeping the physical portion of your computer clean is important but as we have already discussed, it is. a lot of the pc repair we do has something to do with not keeping computer / pc clean.  Keeping your computer off the floor is the first step. Your computer has fans to intake air. If it is on the floor it will pick up whatever hair and dust are nearby. 

Keeping a can of compressed air is always handy. You don’t need a lot of it clean your computer clean. The most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning your computer with compressed air is to keep the can level, and upright, and spray in very short bursts. Generally, you want to burst to spray the intake and exhaust areas of the computer to make sure the PC has proper airflow.

Maintenance of your computer’s software and operating system is also important and definity will help your computer from needing PC repair. Windows and MacOS provide users with both simple and advanced tools for computer maintenance. Some maintenance operations may include making a backup of your computer using your computer’s built-in software. Running a Disk Cleanup on your computer can clear up temporary files that may slow down your computers or take up too much space. Updating your computer through its update services such as Windows Update or MacOS software update can help keep your Operating System corruption free.

4. Is your computer plugged into the wall or a surge protector?

Many people plug their computers directly into the wall or into a surge protector that is a decade old with dust in the plug. Even if the surge protector is providing power, it may have lost its ability to properly protect your electronics. Consider buying a new surge protector every two years to protect your equipment.

5. Could your computer be overheating?

What’s the room temperature like in the summer? The computer’s CPU can reach temperatures between 70-80 degrees Celsius under load. The CPU can handle these temperatures. Ideally, you’d want your cooling solution to keep the CPU well below that temperature though. In the summer, if the room the computer is in is hot then there’s little chance that the CPU can cool down properly. If the computer is performing some video editing or gaming, you will find that things can heat up very quickly in your computer case due to the GPU generating heat as well.

What can we do to make sure our computers are getting properly cooled down?

Consider that if you have a laptop and like to do strenuous activities for the computer such as gaming, video editing, or programming, get a fan platform that sits under the laptop. The extra airflow will help the laptop from sitting on its heat.
If you have a dusty computer, you are essentially putting a blanket on top of your computer. The dust is covering the computer and insulating the heat. You may be able to get an idea of how much dust is in your laptop by looking at the vents. For the computer, you can look at the vents or more easily remove the side panel. Keeping dust off your components is essential.

Some older computers that have sat around for a while may need a new application of thermal paste. Thermal paste is a compound that sits on top of the processor. On top of that is usually a heat sink of some sort. For computers, it is usually a chunk of metal with a fan on top of that to pull heat off the CPU and cool it down. The thermal paste creates a vacuum seal between the heat sink and processor, helping the transfer of heat. Some thermal pastes perform better than others and over time they may need to be cleaned and reapplied.

For enthusiasts or professionals, consider upgrading your cooling capabilities to an all-in-one cooler (AIO) for CPUs. These are still chunks of metal that sit on top of the processor, but they have a radiator attached to them which has fans attached to it. The idea behind this is to use liquid to pull heat away from the metal. They perform better than your average heat sink and fan combo.

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