Macbook Pro Repair

MacBook pro repair

Had Liquid Spill, Which Caused Screen To Go Bad And Backlight Circuit To Short. spilling liquid on laptops or desktop can cause damage to your computer hardware

macbook pro screen repair services process on Liquid spill

Macbook A2338
liquid spill got to the mac logicboard
Macbook A2338
liquid damaged the backlight circuit
Macbook pro A2338
touch pad and battery area got damaged from liquid
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we fixed MacBook Pro by doing the following:

  1. cleaning the logicboard and fix the backlight circuit.
  2. replacing the screen due liquid damage to the screen

How much does it cost to replace a MacBook Pro screen?

MacBook pro repair cost for screen replacement will depend on the model of the MacBook also the size of the screen.  in fact most of the screen replacement cost is the screen it self.  the screen it self can cast from $200 to $900.   15 or 16 in screen will be on the high end where 13in will be on the low end.