MM TECH DOCTOR Server Support

Server Support

At MM Tech Doctor we provide the best server support to cater to your needs. If there are issues with your current server setup, we will troubleshoot and eliminate the problem.  We will also help provide the best solution to make sure that everything you need is setup properly and configured to prevent little down time and loss of data.

We provide RAID support and along with our data recovery services can help save or prevent your records from ever being lost. RAID is a term that stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. What this means is that you have multiple hard drives that are put together in your setup. They work together for the purposes of safety from data loss and speed. There are many different types of RAID configurations and here at MM Tech we will give you the best solution for your needs.

File Sharing Support

Your company may need easy and secure file sharing support because of the fast paced work flow environment. They need to be able to send and receive files to anyone in the company- or be able to easily access updated files when someone isn’t there. 

Your company may also need to have varying levels of credentials and permissions to different employees because of security. They may want some files to only be accessible by certain employees or they may want some files to only be opened and not changed by certain employees. We can create multiple user profiles and passwords for your employees. 

We have solutions for many different levels of needs of server support because not all businesses are the same. If you think you need a survey done for the best solution call us for an appointment. 

Specific Needs

Because every business is not the same, you may find that you need something not talked about here. Please call us to discuss your issue. It may be something we have already solved for someone else.