We offer the best computer repair. The key to our repair is understanding the problem and the needs of our customer computer problems. The second thing we do is making sure the customer understands the issues they face with their hardware and software. We determine which area the customer’s issue comes from and make sure the customer is completely satisfied when they leave.

Hardware issues happen because of faulty components or because of physical damage to the computer like fall damage or liquid spills that can make some of the computer components or the entire computer stop working.  To fix these types of problem, either the component needs replacement or needs repair.  For example, spilling soda or juice on a laptop can cause the main board or logic board to stop working. That liquid spill can cause the board to short to ground or it may cause some sensors to stop working.  If there is a lot of damage to the board, sometimes a board replacement is necessary but sometimes they can be fixed. It all depends on the severity of the damage and the length of time it has been corroded.

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