Data Recovery

Data recovery, hard drive, flash drive and more

Data Recovery Is One Of Our Specialties.

we recover data from dead hardware and deleted data and formatted hardware

data recovery from bad hard drives, deleted, formatted, dead flash drives and more.
data recovery can be so expensive but with us that is not a problem. We offer great prices for data recovery, and if we do not get your data, the fee is nothing. We only truly know the disaster of data loss when it happens

MM TECH DOCTOR Will Also Give You Some Tips On How To Prevent Data Loss.

Here are some of the tips to prevent data loss:

  • Always, always and always backup your data. It’s always good to have set of copies.
  • Backup to an external hard drive, flash drives and to a cloud service. This is because you do not want your data stored in just one place if it is important.
  • Do not let your phone, computer to run out of space. You must keep maintaining your device and your data. For example, we always take pictures on our phones and we think that they will be safe if just leave them on the phone.  But phones have limited space, and if we reach that limit the phone will get slow and it might corrupt the data. It could also happen if your phone or computer is low on space and it tries to install an update. We have seen it happen plenty of times.
  • Do not move your computer while it is on. Always save your work then shutdown your computer before taking it anywhere.
  • Keep your computer safe from malware and worms and other harmful programs. We offer a discount on antivirus software. Call 315-400-3170 for more information.
  • Keep your computer or device away from wet areas, food and drinks.

Of course, even the best preventative measures do not stop accidents.
Feel free to get in touch with us to help you with your data and your devices
Here is some of our data recovery work on a Flash drive