PC Hardware & Software

At MM Tech Doctor, our computer services will determine if your issue lies in PC hardware or in software. Often there is confusion between the two.  There will be suggestions to troubleshoot the hardware when it is a software corruption issue. We provide computer repair to Macs, Windows PCs and smaller scale electronics.  For PC hardware & software troubleshooting give us a call.

What's PC Hardware?

The difference between hardware and software is that the hardware is the physical components of the computer. The simple make up of a computer contains your power supply, motherboard –also sometimes referred to as a main board. In Apple’s case it is called a logic board. Then there is the CPU (central processing unit) and RAM (random access memory, also referred to as memory modules.  For many people the next dedicated component is optional- unless you’re running something graphic intensive like a video editing program or game- a discrete GPU (graphical processing unit.) The word discrete is used to signify that the video signal is not being output by the CPU. It is instead being output by a separate processing unit. These discrete GPUs are more powerful than the integrated graphics that are sometimes in CPUs.  

PC Hardware & Software, desktop repair

What's PC Software?

The software side of computers deals with everything from your operating system, like Windows, macOS, and Linux, to programs like Microsoft Word. Sometimes your data in your operating system or the program can get corrupted. This can occur in a few different ways. It could happen when your power is disconnected from the computer during an installation or update. A virus on your computer may corrupt your entire operating system. Or it might just be a hardware problem like a failing hard drive.  

troubleshooting and thorough diagnostic tests can determine where the issue lies for your computer repair needs. Whether it’s a failing hard drive, failing screen, corrupted operating system or even bad motherboard, our computer services are highly rated.  This is because we work hard to not only keep you updated but determine the best course of action for repair. 

PC Hardware & Software Upgrading

Understanding the difference between hardware-software can guide us to what an upgrade or repair will help with. When it comes to failing hard drives, it is important to replace and upgrade them as soon as possible. It is where your data is stored and if it fails completely, there may not be always be a chance to recover your data. A hard disk drive (HDD) may also be referred to as a solid state drive, or an SSD. The hard disk drive and the solid state drive have the same function but are different in technology. A hard drive is mechanical, while an SSD is not mechanical and has no physically moving components like a hard disk drive (HDD.) The SSD is much faster than a HDD because it has no moving parts and can access your data much quicker.

MM Tech Doctor is able to offer cloning of your old drives to much faster SSDs. Entire user profiles along with all of the data on a drive can be cloned to the SSD making it feel like you lost nothing. Upgrading to an SSD can have multiple gains. The first important and most noticeable difference is the speed. It has been proven in many tests that upgrading to an SSD can provide up to 16x the performance of a regular HDD. The second most important difference in upgrading is the lifespan of SSDs being much longer than that of HDDs.