Our networking services have helped residential customers and businesses meet their needs when it comes to general use and even security. A network comprises more than your internet service provider’s modem or wireless access point. We help customers understand the what kind of Networking equipment best suits them and can setup the proper security for them.  

Networking For home

The most basic home network setup is simply your internet service provider’s modem and a wireless router. The router in this case is also acting as a wireless access point that sends out the WiFi signal. Contrary to popular belief, that is not the only function of the router. The router is the device that assigns your devices, like your phone, computer, game console, etc. , an IP address.  Without an IP address, your device cannot access the internet. The IP (internet protocol) address is what lets a destination know what visitor is accessing them. The modem, that your ISP (internet service provider) gives you is the device that allows you access to the internet.  

Business Networking

Networking is not only software but also hardware. A business may require other hardware for security purposes. For example, they may require a managed switch that will allow them to put their computers in different groups that can’t access each other even though they are part of the same network. This could help prevent more savvy computer users from accessing their manager’s computer or accessing the cameras. A switch is a device that allows you to connect multiple ethernet lines to it to access the internet. It is not a router because it doesn’t have the ability to assign IP addresses. A business may also require the best solution for setting up a printer on the network to certain computers only.

Networking Security

 Networking security is also important, Security doesn’t only consist of cameras and managed switches. A firewall box can also help protect all of your data from hackers. With a firewall on the hardware and software side, the user can rest a little easier in their data safety. Residential customers can also benefit from increased security when they work from home. 
Something that businesses and residential customers face is the WiFi signal or even ethernet speed (assuming their ISP plan is providing them a marketed speed) not being strong enough to cover all the areas they need.

 Our business can provide the solution support necessary to your network and computer networking.  will provide the customer with the best value and price. We can determine the best option for you moving forward as consultants or installers.