IT Services

Comprehensive computer repair & Services for Residential and Small Business Customers

We provide computer repair & Services for both residential and businesses. we also, provide IT support over the phone and the internet to help fix windows issues, and software issues and set up computers. we also fix hardware, and screen replacements on both PC and Apple.

mm tech doctor also provides help for business and home users, we help with network issues.

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Our Services

Data Backup & Recovery

Data-Recovery Is One Of Our Specialties when it comes to computer repair & services. We perform data recovery from bad hard drives, deleted, formatted, dead flash drives, and more. data-recovery can be so expensive but with us, that is not a problem. We offer great prices for data recovery, and if we do not get your data, the fee is nothing. We only truly know the disaster of data loss when it happens.

Mac/PC Repair & Installation

At MM Tech Doctor we offer a 90 day warranty on almost all of our services for your computer protection. The reason we offer this warranty is because we want you, the customer, to know that we stand by our work. We do this because we want you to feel that if the problem persists two weeks after repair, you can bring it back hassle free. Computer protection will save you money in the long run

Networking Services

another IT professional services is networking. Our Network solutions have helped residential customers and businesses meet their needs when it comes to general use and even security. A network comprises more than your internet service provider’s modem or wireless access point. We help customers understand what kind of equipment best suits them and can set up the proper security for them.

IT Services

At MM Tech Doctor we provide a number of IT services for your personal or commercial needs. Please give us a call to enquire about what you may need or have questions about.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

At MM Tech Doctor, our computer services will determine if your issue lies in hardware or in software. Often there is confusion between the two.  There will be suggestions to troubleshoot the hardware when it is a software corruption issue. We provide computer repair to Macs, Windows PCs and smaller scale electronics.  For hardware-software troubleshooting give us a call.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Malware protection is one of the most important aspects of keeping your computer safe. We offer malware protection through a company called Malwarebytes. Our partnership with Malwarebytes is because we trust the company. We used it for ourselves before our partnership and recommend it to our customers because of this. Although you can download a free version of the protection, we offer a year subscription at a discounted price than normal.

Remote Support

Many times a computer may be repaired over the internet with Remote Support. If the computer is able to be logged in, with your help we will be able to connect and may save you a drive to our shop. Give us a call to find out more.

What is an example of an IT services?

what are it services
Information technology (IT) services are the services that allows or provided by IT companies to access businesses IT equipment’s & software to manage and keep business task and processes running with no issue or down time. example of IT Equipment’s computers, printers, router, firewall, IP phones, etc.

Here are some examples of IT services:

  1. Cloud services- like cloud Backup, OneDrive, google drive.
  2. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP)
  3. Backup solutions
  4. Network security
  5. Monitoring
  6. Email services
  7. Information reporting
  8. Remote support
  9. Software as a service
  10. Software development
  11. Troubleshooting and technical support
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