Imac Upgrade

Upgrading iMac 2017 HDD & Ram

If your iMac is booting slow or has poor performance, it may be time for an upgrade.  The iMac has an HDD (Hard Disk Drive) that may have low performance due to the age of the Mechanical hard drive and also may have low memory, which are two major causes of slow boot up times. This type of upgrade is called a hardware upgrade.  Replacing an HDD with an SSD (Solid State Drive) will increase the performance and speed of the computer.

IMac 2017
removing iMac 2017 4k screen to increase the memory and upgrade the HDD to SSD 1tb
iMac 2017
mainboard removed to access the ram sockets.
iMac 2017 Mainboard
removing one of 4 GB ram stick and replacing with 16gb stick
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Upgrade Setups:

  1. Removing the screen by cutting the adhesive.
  2. Remove the HDD, CPU fan, power supply and then finally, the Mainboard.
  3. Add the ram, then install the mainboard back.
  4. Install the power supply, CPU fan.
  5. Install new SSD.
  6. Install the new adhesive for the screen then attach the screen.

how to determine if a computer needs upgrading

There are a lot of things to think about before determining that a computer needs a hardware or software upgrade. For example, there are two factors to consider:

  • The age of the computer
  • How it’s built

The age of the computer

Computers that are over 6 years old might not be a good fit for a hardware upgrade because it might have other failing hardware so it may be economically cheaper to go buy a new one. Sometimes an older computer might be worth upgrading because of certain specifications, which leads us to the next point.

How it's built

If you are considering upgrading your CPU you have to take into account, your motherboard’s socket type for the CPU. You may already have the best CPU available for your motherboard or it may in fact be soldered to the board and not upgradable. The same thing goes for upgrading RAM. The motherboard has to be able to support better or more RAM. Lastly, if you wanted to upgrade your GPU (graphical processing unit), the case of your PC may not be big enough for the GPU or your power supply may not be enough to power it. All of these things need to be considered when upgrading.