SSD Upgrade

whats SSD upgrade?

An SSD upgrade is simply replacing an old mechanical hard drive (HDD) with a solid-state drive (SSD). SSD replacement is done on a laptop, desktops ( PC & Apple), and gaming consoles, because the old drive is bad or to give better performance. Laptop upgrades & Desktop Upgrades are the most common ones that MM Tech works on at all times.  also, we did iMac upgrade

why SSD?

SSD or solid-state drive gives better performance and is less likely to fail because SSD dose does not have any mechanical components.  SSD has a storage chip built into a board with a controller, and because of that, it makes read and write faster than HDD. Also, it would make SSD less like to fail or stop working, mechanical components will produce heat and fraction that would lead to hardware failure.

Imac upgrade is our recent upgrade

 upgrading hard drive to SSD and adding 32gb of ram upgrading the hard drive to SSD and adding 32GB of ram

iMac upgrade done to iMac 2017 had 1tb HHD and 8 GB, DDR4 Ram, we replaced the HHD with 1 TB SSD and removed the 8 GB ram, and installed 2 16gb ram to bring it to 32GB Ram.  After that, we immigrate all the data, applications and users and users’ settings to the new SSD

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