Xbox HDMI Repair


Xbox HDMI repair and Playstation 4 & 5 are one of the common repairs that are done by MM TECH.  Most repair shops will send your Xbox somewhere else to get it fixed.  whereas, on the other hand, MM Tech gets done at the shop.  MM Tech makes sure everything is in working condition and does clean up on it if needed. Will give you fast and affordable services. Most of the Xbox repair is done the same day or the next business day unless parts are not available. For the same day pick up please schedule an appointment, this way will make sure Xbox gets repaired the same day.  

Xbox HDMI repair, replaced HDMI on Xbox S one

replacing the HDMI port on XBOX which was damaged due to pushing the HDMI cable too hard.

Because of that, the HDMI port and some HDMI data trace on the board got damaged. 

we replaced the HDMI and fixed the traces, another successful repair

how to prevent Damage to the HDMI Port?

  1. Remove the HDMI cable from the Xbox, whenever planning on moving it or taking it to a friend’s house.  Leaving it connected while traveling or moving will put pressure on the HDMI port as a result it breaks pins inside the HDMI port.
  1. Make sure the Xbox is set up in an area where it cannot be knocked over.  This is one of the common things that will get the HDMI port damaged. dropping Xbox with HDMI cable connect will damage HDMI port and it might damage the Xbox.
  1. Always use a good HDMI cable. Make sure to use a cable with the right length. Also, when plugging the cable make sure it’s facing you, this way HDMI cable gets plugged in the right way.

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